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801 electronic anti-riot device

801 electronic anti-riot device Product Details

801 electronic anti-riot device Product Details

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This Self-defensive flashlight has severalspecial functions such as high voltage electricshock and strong illumination.It is an ideaself-defense device for law enforcementsecurity guards and civilians due to theirextended reach and power.Self-defensive flashlight is made ofABS engineering plastic and alloy metalwith a high voltage generator and a built-innickelcadmium rechargeable battery. It has anadvanced electric pulse technology.

Main parameters:

1.Source voltage: 6V

2.Current consumption:

<1.9A (for electric shock)

<0.8A (for illumination)

3.Size:105mm x 52mm x 22mm

4.Environmental temperature:-5° F~113°F

Usage and attention:

1.When shocking,push the“ON/OFF switch with two position till the red indicatorlight is turned on and then push the shock switch.

2.When illuminating,push the “ON/OFF” switch with one position to causeillumination.

3. This product is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery. When charging, pushoff the charging plug on the bottom and theninsert it in socket. The charge time should beno more than 5 hours, during charging-up itcan’ t be used.

4.After a long period of non-use(longerthan two months),it should be checked andcharged one time.

5.The flashlight should not be stored in a humid enviroment and kept in super high/low temperature.

6.In order to prolong the life of usage.please avoid using electric shock functioncontinually for 10 seconds or more.

7.DO NOT let children reach the flashlight.

8.DO NOT shock metal obiects, children,persons with heart disease and ANY vital parton human body.

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