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Standard riot suit

Standard riot suit Product Details

Standard riot suit Product Details

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1. Material: high-strength, high-toughness, flame-retardant, impact-resistant, and energy-absorbing materials.

2. Specifications: Suitable for police officers with a height of 165cm-185cm, and can also be customized according to needs.

Main features: The forearm and calf guards adopt double-layer protective shells to strengthen protection in a targeted manner.

4. Protective area: chest and crotch ≥ 0.10㎡

Back ≥ 0.10㎡

Upper limbs (calculated by both limbs) ≥ 0.18㎡ Lower limbs (calculated by both limbs, including instep) ≥ 0.30㎡

5. Structural connection strength: buckle strength: >500N

Fastening strength of Velcro: >7.0N/cm²

Connecting belt strength: >2000N

6. Impact resistance performance: With 120J kinetic energy impact, the protective parts will not be damaged or cracked.

7. Anti-stab performance: use the standard test knife stipulated in GA68 on the front chest, back and front rails, puncture with 20J kinetic energy, and the tip of the knife will not penetrate.

8. Impact energy absorption performance: Place the front chest and back parts of the anti-riot suit on the standard clay respectively, impact with 100J energy, and the indentation depth of the clay should not exceed 20mm.

9. Weight: <6.5KG

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